Here are a few of the projects I've worked on. Note that some of my work cannot be shared here (due to NDA agreements). With my extensive experience in technical communication, writing and editing, and site management, I'm sure that can help with your project, too.

End-user Assistance

I can produce the documentation deliverables you need, including user and reference guides, online help and documentation, and training and tutorials.

I excel in making the complex easy to understand.

User Guides, Reference Manuals, and Online Help
I have developed numerous user guides and reference manuals for software products. I emphasize clear, concise, and consistent writing. In addition to traditional printed/paper documentation, I am able to produce online documentation and context-sensitive online help by using single-sourcing and multi-sourcing content management techniques.

In 2010, I self-published Tiki Essentials, the first‑ever reference guide for Tiki, and open source CMS project, followed by Tiki for Smarties: A beginner's guide. Both books are available as a paperback and ebook.

Demo Movie
Demos and Tutorials
To help explain difficult and complex concepts, I have created movies and screencasts. I am able provide different levels of interaction and produce a Flash video for distribution.

Articles and Papers
I am a frequent contributor to Carolina Communiqué. Some recent articles include:
Additionally, many of my papers are included in the Eserver Technical Communication library. These articles range from an overview of XML Single-sourcing to instructions for writing Eclipse-based help. You can list all of my articles on Eserver TC.

Contact me to let me know what you're looking for and how I can help.

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