I had hoped to release an update to both books that would coincide with the release of Tiki 9. As you can see, I'm several months behind! But have no fear, I'm diligently working on updating both books to reflect the Tiki 9 LTS version (remember, Tiki 9 will remain as LTS through 2015) and plan to have updated books and ebooks available before the end of the year.

Tiki Essentials
And here's your chance to get immortalized in print... If you found Smarties and Essentials helpful, I'd love to have a quote from you about it! I'll ask for permission to use your quote (along with your name and company or affiliation):
  • In the paperback and ebook versions
  • On the Tiki for Smarties website
  • Additional Smarties promotional material

In exchange, you'll get:
  • To be associated with the best-selling book for Tiki... of all time!
  • The opportunity to purchase a limited-edition, hard-cover version of Tiki for Dummies Smarties (at cost) with your quote on the dust jacket.
  • Ebook versions of the new Smarties and Essentials, when available.

Interested? Let me know...