A special "thank you" shout-out to Paul Mueller, Lloyd Tucker, Kevin Cuddihy, (and anyone else I may have inadvertantly overlooked) for helping me get up-to-speed with the STC Summit Zerista application.
Sure, there's a Zerista app that I could use. But I'm really wanted a way to have my Summit schedule appear on my phone, just like all my other calendars.

And be able to make changes in Zerista and automatically update my Google calendar.

And be able to make notes about sessions (or even remove sessions) from my phone.

Sure, I could manually export my Zerista schedule to iCal or Outlook format (or even print it) and them manually import the schedule to my phone. But each time I made a change in Zerista (or if a session moved to a different location or was canceled), I'd have to manually repeat the process.

I'm lazy. I wanted to sync everything together.... magically.

And now I can (and so can you). Here's how:

  1. Create your personal schedule in Zerista.
  2. On the MyPage > Schedule page, in the Schedule area, right-click Export to iCal.
    Export to iCal
    Exporting your calendar
  3. In the pop-up window, click Copy Link Location.
    Copy link location
    Copying the URL

    This is the URL for your personal calendar's iCal (.ics) file.

Now switch to your Google calendar.
  1. In the Other Calendars area, click the More Options button and select Add by URL.
    Add by URL
    Adding the calendar
  2. In the Add by URL dialog, in the URL field, paste the Zerista iCal URL (that you copied previously) and click Add Calendar.
    Add calendar
    Your calendar's URL
  3. A new calendar (stcsummit) should appear in your Other calendars area. Click the More options button to customize the calendar.
    More options
    Customize your calendar

Finally, add the calendar to your Android-powered phone. Depending on your phone model, OS version, and cellphone carrier, the actual steps will vary. But in general:
Sorry, no screenshots until Gingerbread.
  1. From the Calendar app, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings area, select which calendars to Display and Sync. All of the calendards associated with your Google account (including the new stcsummit calendar) should be listed.
  3. Simply select the stcsummit calendar, perform an update, and... like magic, your Zerista calendar now appears on your Android phone!

I hope you find this useful, and I look forward to seeing you in Chicago.