The app (powered by Conduit's mobile platform) basically takes existing website content and syndicates it to your mobile device, in a native app.

There are native versions for:
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Apple iPad an iPhone
  • Windows mobile devices
  • Blackberry
... as well as a web-based, browser version.

My STC Mobile App includes:
  • News from STC's Notebook and Summit blog
  • Links to the latest Intercom and TechComm Journal articles.
    Note: These links are currently broken. If you'd like to see them fixed please voice your support here (fixed!) and here.
  • Upcoming events from MySTC groups.
    Note: If you'd like to see all and all community events listed, please support some of these requests.
  • Recent activity and updates from the MySTC network
  • TechComm employment opportunities (worldwide)
  • General information about STC (including contact info and membership)
  • Direct links and info syndication from the STC BOK, Speaker registry, Intercom, and Summit 2012
  • Content from STC's social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter)

Grab the app here:

And please let me know what you think.