For the Carolina Communiqué, this is our fourth APEX Award (in a row!) in the Newsletter category. The Carolina Communiqué is a wiki-based newsletter, published quarterly by the Carolina Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. In addition to great writing and editing, original articles, and a unique publication process, the Carolina Communiqué has always been on the "bleeding edge" of technology. In the past few years, we've implemented an article rating system, folksonomy tagging, and integration with social networks. Most recently, we began offering issues as an ebook (in epub format).

The Technical Editing SIG is also a multi-APEX winner, in the Website category. Because the entire website is a wiki, many SIG volunteers are able to create, edit, update content directly on the site. This frees up the webmaster (me) to pursue new technology and ideas. The SIG's website features integration with Shelfari, an IRC-based chatroom, and Disqus-powered commenting system for its newsletter.

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