These are the headlines from some of the web sources that I follow.

  • From Web Pages to Journeys: How to Prioritize Customer Pathways
    Gartner predicts  30 percent of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen by 2020.  I’d be surprised if it takes that long.  Your customers are on the move — consuming digital content, information and experiences in ways few could have predicted. Continue reading...
  • How to Break Through With CIOs on Social Media
    It’s hard to be the Chief Information Officer. These busy tech execs are under pressure to successfully power up the CEO’s latest digital transformation initiative, plus hire and retain the best IT talent. Continue reading...
  • Riverbed Updates SteelCentral to Assess Digital Experience Tech Effectiveness
    For all the talk about digital experience and digital transformation strategies, most enterprises have little or no way of assessing the effectiveness of the technology supporting their digital experiences. Continue reading...
  • Are ‘Shadow’ Collaboration Apps a Thing of the Past?
    It feels like only last week shadow IT was one of the biggest concerns of C-Suite executives and IT managers. Shadow IT describes the phenomena of employees bringing in unapproved apps into the enterprise. Continue reading...
  • How to Build an Agile Marketing Team Across Time Zones
    Agile marketing is fast-paced in every sense of the word, designed to keep up with — and stay ahead of — the constant evolutions in digital engagement and customer needs that change minute-to-minute around the world. Agile marketing is focused around core teams that are always innovating, testing, analyzing and Continue reading...
  • The problem with FAQs in documentation
    Many tech writers have a heavy disdain for FAQs. At first this disdain seemed a bit unfounded and elitist to me, but now, after a recent project, I'm starting to get the reasons for the disdain. All too often the FAQ format is abused by non-writers who want an easy way to write. The list of random questions grows with each incoming question until it's a ridiculous hodgepodge of information thrown together, with no larger story or narrative.

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